What Is a Flat Pack Bar?

A flat pack bar is a perfect entertainment solution for any and all residential properties. Purchasing a flat pack bar is one of the most convenient, hassle-free, and cost-effective ways to build a dream home bar. Our flat pack bars are purpose-built by expert craftsmen, using the finest quality of materials. Every bar is designed for optimum convenience, meaning they can be assembled and taken down quickly and easily. 

Our home bars come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. No matter what size you choose, each bar comes in a convenient flat pack to be set up at your leisure. While each bar is strong enough to stand up to use, they are light enough to assemble and move with ease. There are several bar options to choose from but each bespoke design can add to the look of any room. 

All wooden home bars are finished by hand and are created using ethically sourced timber. The main woods used to craft the bars are oak and pine. 

Oak is built to last. It is a durable wood that can stand the test of time with very little maintenance. It is a premium wood and is perfectly suited to handle the needs of your home bar.

Pine is a slightly softer and lighter wood. Despite this, it is very durable, particularly if it is used indoors. While it’s suitable to use outdoors, ensure that you cover it or put it away in poor weather conditions.

Whatever flat pack bar you choose, you can rest assured that it is up to the task. Each bar comes with the option of customisation. Have your name or whatever text you want to be printed across the front panel. 

Best ways to use your flat park bar

Let’s face it, virtually everyone dreams of having their own custom bar at home. It can work as a cosy getaway, an entertainment addition, or final piece to complete your games room. There are so many opportunities to get the most out of your bar, especially because flat pack bars are so versatile. 

Here are some ideas for how you can best use yours.

House parties

Cheap home bars are a game-changer when it comes to house parties. While dinner parties and small events in your home are easily catered for, slightly bigger events are always a lot trickier. Unlike a pub, someone’s home doesn’t have adequate socializing areas. 

A bar can become the centre-point of a party. People can sit or stand around it, giving more purpose to the room. 

From a practical standpoint, a bar is an ideal place to store, prepare, and serve drinks. Rather than covering tables and countertops with party supplies, your custom bar is made to handle these duties.

Optimising your man cave

There are fewer better ways to polish off your man cave than by installing a bar. As your weekend or evening getaway zone, a bar is a real statement piece addition to a hangout spot. Whether you’re having friends over or you need to take a break from the world, your man cave bar can be a safe haven.

While a man cave is a great example of where to put a flat pack bar, a games room, dining room, or loft could work just as well. 

Garden and backyard parties

Garden bars are the ultimate summertime leisure areas. There’s nothing better than catching some rays while sipping on a drink from your custom home bar. 

If you’re hosting a barbecue or back garden party, your flat pack bar can be called into action to take the party atmosphere up a notch. 

Whether you want a high-quality home bar to be a permanent garden fixture or not, flat pack bars are more than capable of fulfilling your needs. 

Festivals and events

If you enjoy camping or visiting festivals and fun events, your flat pack bar can take this experience to another level. Due to their compact design and hassle-free setup process, these bars can be easily transported and used for festivals. 

For when you can’t go to the pub

In the current climate, socialising in your local pub isn’t as easy as it once was. While we are returning to some form of reality, pub life may not be the same for some time. If you’re staying away from the pub at the moment, what better way to enjoy a drink than from your own custom home bar?

Stock up on your favourite drinks and serve yourself for the next few months. Although you might not have the usual company as in your local, you’ll be sure to save some money. 

Advantages of a flat pack bar

There are many advantages to having a home bar. From hosting parties to saving money, setting up a bar at home makes a lot of sense for some people. However, there are some key benefits to having a flat pack bar that you mightn’t have thought of. 

Optimal use of space

Our flat pack bars are high enough quality to be permanent fixtures in a room. They have ample storage to stock drinks, glasses, and other bar-type utensils. This can clear up vital space in your kitchen. 

All of our bars are easy to set up and take down. It only takes a matter of minutes. This means that they can be used infrequently, optimizing your home space. 


As they can be folded up and taken apart so easily, flat pack bars are convenient to move. This is handy for storage, but it also makes them versatile. Your bar can be moved around your home and set up in any area. 

Home comforts

Your home bar can be customized as you please. Install cool lighting, fit shelves, buy bar stools, create a custom bar sign, or invest in a good music system. All of these ideas can add a personal touch to your space. 

Never settle for a poorly made drink again by learning to perfect cocktail recipes. With the perfect setting to experiment, you can hone your drink-making skills. 

Finally, the most satisfying home comfort is paying a fraction of the price to enjoy your favourite beverages on the best seat in the house.

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